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17th July 2013, 10:37
Selling off my ZX Spectrum + computer

This was on a thread here


Bought the membrane and found out that the connection on the mainboard needs to be changed. Sadly I dont solder so I am going sell this off as a bundle.

what you will get is the following

ZX Spectrum + with new membrane installed
power supply, Cassette loading cables, AV cable ( the spectrum as had a compsite mod done and it works)
Sony TCM-939 tape deck
around 10 games to test the spectrum and tape deck.

Looking for around 20 and post is 6 for UK

If your outside the UK please bare in mind this will be much higher.

19th July 2013, 10:30
would be interested pm sent:thumbsup:

19th July 2013, 12:30
This item was sold on WOS