View Full Version : Closed ZX Spectrum +2A with some stuff

17th July 2013, 22:47
as I am moving on to the Atari STE I have decided to sell my ZX Spectrum +2A

Its in mint condition and I still have all the boxes for it.

the machine has had a motherboard clean and I have changed the belts and cleaned the tape deck so loading is not an issue.

This computer comes with the power supply, joystick port converter cable, scart cable and some games (listed below)

We are the champions - Renegade, Rampage, IK+, Barbarian, Super Sprint

Taito Coin op hits - Rastan, Flying Shark, Arkanoid, slap fight, legend of kage, renegade, bubble bobble, arkanoid 2 : Revenge of doh

The house mix - Night Raider, Dark Fusion, Techno cop, Skate Crazy, Motor Massacre, Artura

Dizzy Collection - Dizzy, Fast food dizzy, Fantasy world Dizzy, Treasure island dizzy, magicland dizzy

Now Games 5 - International Karate, Hacker 2, Prohibition, Kat Trap,Street Hussle, Rebel

Teenage Mutant Hero turtles
Chequered Flag
Centi Bug
Jet Pac
Yogi Bear & Friends in the greed monster

there is also the bond games with the packaged with the light gun.

I am asking 50 with 10 postage as this package for the UK as this is very heavy.

Pics to follow shortly.

18th July 2013, 11:45
please close as this is not for sale anymore