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18th July 2013, 00:12
Looking for An Amiga 1200 with Rev 1D1 motherboard. Rev 3.0 roms would be nice too :) One with built in CF storage, and mouse and work bench files. One preferably with ready to go. I don't need the power supply, however if you can include the cable portion that plugs into the Amiga so I have the jack, that would be great. :) an RGB cable so I can connect my 1084S monitor would be nice too :)

my budget is 160 pounds including insured delivery. (~250.00 canadian ) :)

please let me know :)

18th July 2013, 00:37

I can help you out with an A1200 in spec & within budget :)

I will check to see if I have any Monitor Cables in my box of bits too!

Will PM you with an offer :thumbsup:

All the best,


18th July 2013, 00:59
Offer accepted, Money sent via paypal. :)
cheers, look forward to receiving it :)
thank you very very much :)

18th July 2013, 01:51
Thanks for your fast payment! I will get FedEx booked and keep you updated :thumbsup:

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Parcel packed and collection arranged for tomorrow :thumbsup:

Sorry I don't have an RGB lead here for your Monitor, hopefully someone else can help you out with that :)

18th July 2013, 09:58
A1200 shipped this morning and tracking info on PM :thumbsup:

23rd July 2013, 02:57
Package received, man that was fast...
looks great and appears to run fine... now just waiting for my 8 meg memory expansion :)

Positive feedback left... :) (found out how to do it ... )