View Full Version : Wanted Atari 2600 PAL and Atari Pong cables

18th July 2013, 01:04
Hello. I have an Atari 2600 Woodgrain and I would like to buy a cable so that it's compatible with my PAL TV.

It can't play with the RF Switch. Possible NTSC console? I don't know. If there is an electronics engineer out there or someone who knows something on Ebay please let me know.

ps. I have found this one but I have no idea if it's going to work. It's for Atari Junior

(The cable can be compatible with HD TV or old TVs. I have both. Please send me PM with your offers if you want).

I also have the very first Atari Pong and I would like a cable for this as well! It's an NTSC console and I want to connect it to PAL TV.

18th July 2013, 22:01

If the consoles only have RF (which is probably the case) you need a TV with an NTSC tuner.
There are no converters that I know of that can take RF, they usually only support composite and/or s-video.

If your TV supports 60Hz (NTSC vertical frequency) then your best bet would be to mod the consoles with composite output.