View Full Version : Wanted looking for blank disks

18th July 2013, 23:53
as i am getting an STE soon i was thinking did any of you lot have any blank disks going for sale ?


19th July 2013, 05:59
I have a big box full of used double density floppy's. They are formatted for Amiga though so will need re-formatting. If your interested in buying a few, PM me.

19th July 2013, 19:29
Just to inform the thread that Morcar is purchasing some floppy disks from me. Will update again after I finish formatting all the little buggers and post them off to him. :lol:

20th July 2013, 01:01
I have new disk 2DD 720 kb never Opened Box 10 disk
And about 250 new never used disks 2DD
Pleas pm

20th July 2013, 10:45
Payment received and disks sent. :thumbsup: