View Full Version : Wanted Amiga 4000 desktop

23rd July 2013, 23:17
I'm looking for a U.S. NTSC Amiga 4000 desktop (not tower). A stock machine would be perfect, but it's OK if it doesn't come with the following items, because I already have these items:

1) Hard drive
2) Hard drive cable
3) CD-ROM drive
4) Keyboard
5) Mouse
6) Monitor
7) External power cable (because who doesn't have a million of these anyway :) )
8) RAM
9) Clock battery

It's important that the machine be in 100% perfect working order, and it's important that the seller guarantee it to be in perfect working order.

I would also prefer that it came with a high-density floppy drive, but this isn't strictly necessary.

Appearance isn't too important, provided that there are no obvious gouges / cracks / chips / defects in the case.

I would prefer a U.S. seller, because I'm located in the U.S. For shipping estimates, I'm in zip code 65804. I would also prefer shipping via UPS, USPS, or FedEx, in that order.

I can pay via PayPal.

So, let's make a deal!