View Full Version : Wanted CDTV Harddrive solution.

25th July 2013, 12:42
Harddrive add on card for the CDTV wanted.


or anything similar.

25th July 2013, 12:53
oh,its a wanted thread.
i'll change it for you.

27th July 2013, 11:25
PM sent.

26th September 2013, 19:21
Made the adapter from o.eschi. but, I'm struggling to get a 80 pin SCA drive to work.

The drive is connected to the 50 pin connector using a 80 -> 50 pin adapter.

The drive spins up but HDInstalltools reports "no devices found"

Would I be better off using a "big as house brick, small capacity" 50 pin narrow drive?

The reason I went for a SCA drive is price vs capacity.

The Drive is 32GB, do you think it's too big for the Amiga OS to cope with?

26th September 2013, 19:25
it could be the 80 to 50 pin connector.

or lack of termination.or even some other config.

would you be able to try a 68 pin drive?

26th September 2013, 19:38
The adapter has a 68 pin connecter. I use it to connect to the PC, but I'm not sure if I can use that on the CDTV as it's on the same side as the 50 pin connecter.

Are 68 pin drives easier to set up on the Amiga?

26th September 2013, 20:09
i dont know about other peaple,but ive had more success with 68 pin drives than sca drives.

ive got all my 68 pin drives to work with either setting them to narrow and/or term power on the drive itself.and active termination.
where as i only got two drives out of twenty to work when they where sca.

but even then its sometimes down to the 68/50 pin to sca connector.
and these worked on the pc but not on the 50 pin interface on the amiga.

26th September 2013, 20:19
I have ordered a 68 pin drive from ebay and a 68 -> 50 pin adapter. Fingers crossed.

If that wont work then I'll try a 50 pin drive. If that wont work I'm chucking the lot in the bin and waiting for kippers ram/ide68k board.

I will not be defeated, this CDTV is getting a Harddrive dammit.