View Full Version : Closed Sega Master System Fm sound mod

27th July 2013, 02:15
Wondering if anyone knows where to buy a SMS FM sound mod? I think you can buy them from a bloke in Australia but that seems a bit far and expensive to post.

27th July 2013, 09:09
I don't know of anyone else to get this... I got mine directly from the AU guy...
Interested on a v1.1 board? it lacks region switching but it's no problem as it's only for the 2-3 problematic games that won't play FM unless on a JP system, just patch the game and it's not a problem anymore, that's what people have been doing all these years ;)
Got mine installed last year in a sms1 console and I hardly use it... maybe it's seen 4-5hrs of usage... send my a PM and we might work out a deal :)

28th July 2013, 23:03