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28th July 2013, 23:30
Got some Jaguar games for sale

Doom - cart only 10
Cybermorph - cart, instructions and pad inlay - 13
Tempest 2000 - boxed with instructions and card inner - 15
Raiden - boxed with instructions and card inner - 15
Aliens vs Predator - complete, with 3 pad inlays, instructions and card inner - 30

Atari Jaguar pad - like new - 15

Or the lot for 75 (would be 98 separately)

Payment by paypal gift.
All prices include 2nd class postage.

Also advertised elsewhere.

28th July 2013, 23:33
Pics added

28th July 2013, 23:42
Interest declared in the Pad, Raiden and Doom :thumbsup:

28th July 2013, 23:56
pm replied

29th July 2013, 00:03
Also declare interest in Cybermorph :)

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As agreed, payment sent for Pad, Raiden, Doom and Cybermorph :thumbsup:

29th July 2013, 00:04
Dammit! :lol:

29th July 2013, 00:08
Actually, I'll send the extra and take the lot for 75 if that's ok!

29th July 2013, 00:11
All gone!

Cheers Steve!!

29th July 2013, 00:13
Cheers Russ!

75 I shouldn't have spent lol, you should have the full 75 in PayPal, lemme know if there's any problems.

Looking forward to trying the Games, will be perfect for the boxed Jag I just bought that was without any Games/Accessories. I just hope it works :lol:

29th July 2013, 00:43
quick sale i've had on here!

29th July 2013, 00:59
Yeah, no kidding :thumbsup:

Amiga Forever
29th July 2013, 02:12
Could have bought them all if I wasn't unemployed :(

It will come again next time :)

29th July 2013, 08:07
Hah! I don't think anyone could've beat Steve to this one :lol:

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31st July 2013, 17:47
Arrived safe :thumbsup:


Many thanks!

Will do Feedback shorty :)

2nd August 2013, 15:09
sorry for the delay, been living in the 3rd world for a few days with no internet!

Will leave feedback.