View Full Version : Wanted 040/060 card for A4000 with Ultra SCSI / UW SCSI

2nd August 2013, 16:56

I'm looking for an accelerator for my 4000.

The CPU should be a 040 or a 060.
It should come with an Ultra SCSI interface at least.
Fast SCSI 2 : no
Ultra SCSI : yes
UltraWide SCSI : yes

For example a Cyberstorm mkiii 060 with UWSCSI would be perfect.

Thanks !

2nd August 2013, 17:02
Afaik there is no 040 with uw scsi so I think you are limited only to csmkiii 060
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4th August 2013, 07:18
I have a CS MK III with 060 , PM to follow.