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27th February 2010, 21:18
Hey folks I test everything prior to shipping. Be sure you have Paypal Confirmed Address. Shipping is extra. Don't forget to check out the software items as well in that forum.

Website for more items and photos, etc. below...
Just trying to finish cleaning out my closet if I can. Been so long I had these.

Thanks Folks

13 Pin Din for SM124,SM147 and SC1224 Monitors $15.00

Keyboard caps for Atari 1040 Series $15.00

4 1040 keyboards with missing parts $15.00

Atari Power Supply Part No. C070091-011 DC Power Supply DV-1401 Input 117 VAC 60Hz .27A

Atari Power Supply Board- I cannot test this board to see if it's working - Selling as not working $15.00

Atari IMG Scan w/software $25.00

C-Lab Unitor N SOLD

28th February 2010, 02:39
PM send you about PC Board Designer by Abacus.