View Full Version : Wanted MC68060 Rev 6

4th August 2013, 13:41
Hi, looking for a MC68060 Rev 6

Thanks !

20th August 2013, 17:51
Let's try a bump...

Still looking for a MC68060 rev6 maskset 71E41J

Can offer 120 euro shipping included

28th August 2013, 17:39
Might have some of these arriving in some new goodies - will PM to discuss details :thumbsup:

31st August 2013, 21:23
item found elsewhere despite the interesting proposal of Austinsom :thumbsup:

The thread can be closed

Thanks a lot

26th September 2013, 13:04
I am also looking for 71E41J 060 CPU also, either 004 or 006 revision.

27th September 2013, 05:01
The markings down the left hand side I believe is sub mask. The markings 004 & 006 was tested to see the difference when compared with 002 markings. I will try and find the link and post back here.

I do believe the freescale symbol on 68060 is up to date with those markings. Chips here with markings 004 or 006 have a early 2000+ year date ie the latest date I have here is year 2003 for MC68060RC60 with 006 down the left hand side I use those markings along with the date production to identify fake 68060.

27th September 2013, 09:42
How many of these are you looking for?

27th September 2013, 21:36
I only need 1, but I know some other people who have been looking for a long time, so could be 5 or more..