View Full Version : Closed SIO2SD (lotharek) for sale...

4th August 2013, 15:31
Hello - if you are viewing this, you probably know what this is.

I have had this for about 3 months and then my Atari 800xl died about 2 weeks after buying the unit. Up to that point, I was skipping through daisies playing a host of games.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have decided to sell a lot of my old gear, including this item, and before I list it on Ebay, I thought I'd offer it here.

The item comes with an SD card with the usual software :p

Fully functional - if you need help, there is plenty of information online, but its pretty much plug & play.

I want 55 (which includes p&p) for the unit, and you can either pay via PayPal or a personal cheque (which has to clear before shipping).

I bought the model with the black casing.

If you want a photo of the item, which seems a little pointless, as they all look the same, please give me a shout. It basically looks brand new.

This is also UK only. Sorry about that brothers :whistle: