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4th August 2013, 20:22
* Mod - please delete post in software section, I made an error :blased:

For sale:

3 month old Sio2SD (lotharek model) for Atari XL/XE
Black case - looks brand new
Comes with SD card & software
Selling due to Atari dying (and I can't afford to keep up with the hobby)

Price & terms:

55 (which includes p&p)
Paypal or Personal Cheque (post upon clearance)
UK only

I am a longtime member on Ebay with over 700 transactions & 100% positive feedback.

4th August 2013, 23:03
declaring interest

4th August 2013, 23:53
PM sent ;)

5th August 2013, 14:16
Please close thread - item paid for & in post :thumbsup:

5th August 2013, 14:30
Please close thread - item paid for & in post :thumbsup:
Hi mate :)

Threads get closed after confirmation of receipt and feedback left by both parties :thumbsup:

How to leave feedback: http://www.amibay.com/showpost.php?p=60784&postcount=3

5th August 2013, 14:46
OK - thanks for letting me know - you can tell I'm a virgin here :picard

5th August 2013, 14:52
:lol: no worries:-)

7th August 2013, 16:28
I got this yesterday but the person selling the 800 XL (not from here) has let me down .He refunded my money stating that the XL was damaged in storage:o.

Got one off the otherrbay today (cost a bit more but I wanna play) but I didn't want to leave feedback till I tested it.Hopefully will be able to in the next day or two but apologys on not posting feedback earlier.

9th August 2013, 11:42
That's bad luck.

Put it this way, if you don't get yourself an Atari, you'll be able to sell the unit you bought from me quickly & easily :thumbsup:

All the best.

9th August 2013, 17:36
XL arrived today and am having great fun going through some classic Atari games.Feedback left.

Thanks again dude.

10th August 2013, 02:58
Now if JohnYin can return feedback the moderation can close the thread.

10th August 2013, 14:31
I don't know how to leave feedback.

Sorry :(

11th August 2013, 06:42
When you read the feedback PM, simply choose the "return feedback" button.

11th August 2013, 09:03
Or follow this easy guide:http://www.amibay.com/showpost.php?p=60784&postcount=3 :thumbsup:

13th August 2013, 13:21
OK thanks - I think I've done it now. The icons are a bit diddly - I get a migraine on this website trying to find things :unsure: