View Full Version : Closed AAA Amiga's board

28th February 2010, 21:11
Hi, i'm searching an AAA Amiga board... Anyone can sell it?

Many thanks


28th February 2010, 21:12
Hi. You mean a board with the AAA chipset? If yes, then this doesn't exist. Unless you mean AGA.:)

28th February 2010, 22:14
:) i mean Amiga NYX.....

28th February 2010, 22:25
According to Amiga History only 3 of them were ever made.

One non-functioning board was sold back in 2001 on the other bay and the other 2 went to the top guys involved with the AAA project.

Good luck finidng one of these!

28th February 2010, 22:40
The Nyx was only a (non-working) prototype. I think you'll see one in an Amiga museum.

Linky (http://bboah.amiga-resistance.info/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=35)

28th February 2010, 22:45

I think you'll see one in an Amiga museum.

And on that day hell finally freezes over and Satan will ice-skate into work lol

2nd March 2010, 03:44
Easy fella's, I think youre all being a bit too critical.

Good on him for asking,

And wouldnt you all look silly if a member did pipe up and make it known that they were the one who bought the board off the "other Bay" in 2001.

Good luck in the hunt for the board! :thumbsup: