View Full Version : Wanted A1000 or A500 Zorro Adaptor

6th August 2013, 13:21
Hi! all need a A1000 or A500 Zorro slot adaptor if anyone has one please pm me with offer.
cheers Blinky

8th August 2013, 14:54
I have hand made cpu slot riser for a500
90 Degree

8th August 2013, 15:24
I have an original Zorro2 adapter for A500 (A1000 in revesre), it is from the "Dataflyer A500 IDE controller". In fact the IDE controller is a Zorro2 card and the box contains that adapter so the buyer can connect the Zorro2 IDE card to the side expansion of A500.
But i see that you are in Australia, i suppose that shipping will be more than the price of the adapter.

11th August 2013, 13:24
Hi! mods please close this thread I have bought one from other member:D
cheers Blinky.