View Full Version : Closed "The Brundles" Lemmings clone (8-bit)

7th August 2013, 12:29
This one may be a bit obscure, but let's give it a go. ;)

I'm looking for a game by KE-Soft for the Atari XL and XE series of computers, titled The Brundles. It was a Lemmings clone, released in 1993, and features knocked-off Lemmings artwork on the cover of its manual.

I'm seeking an original. I'm not too bothered about condition and completeness, as long as it's decent and has all the disks. The manual would be nice to have, but is not strictly necessary.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

7th August 2013, 19:26
hmmm... I have got one copy like that:

http://www.fotoszok.pl/out.php/t1668328_dscf0065.jpg (http://www.fotoszok.pl/show.php/1668328_dscf0065.jpg.html) http://www.fotoszok.pl/out.php/t1668329_dscf0066.jpg (http://www.fotoszok.pl/show.php/1668329_dscf0066.jpg.html)

Look like a copy but it's a original:) I must look - maybe I'll find another one... But i can't promise:(

7th August 2013, 19:57
Hey, yeah, that's the one. I know it's an original - I've seen photos elsewhere before.

If you have one to sell, I'd be interested! :)

12th August 2013, 17:02
Much to my surprise, I was actually able to find a copy of this elsewhere. :blink:

If someone could close this thread, please, I would be most grateful - thanks. :)