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1st March 2010, 12:24
hello all,
My A4K case took a bit of a beating via a courier so i thought i'd try to tart it up a little.
I bought some modellers plastic putty, this stuff is great, it is white in colour and dries stone hard!
so fill hole, let it dry, using some P1200 grit sandpaper sand and shape the filler to match the original contours, then paint over, that's it, job done

cheers, JuvUK

1st March 2010, 12:39
Great work my friend!!,

I am still baffed how the courier managed to play football with such a huge parcel!!!

please note that picture 2 - looks like the hallowed of holy plastic epoxies!!!

1st March 2010, 12:46
damn those careless courriers, I have received packages under layers of foam that could not survive the "evil courriers of +5 damage"
nice job Juv!

1st March 2010, 13:41
thanks for the kind words guys :)

1st March 2010, 17:19
Now you only need a bit of matte spray to shape the floppy and CD bezels to match this lovely looking tower.

Great job, Juzzer. I'm impressed!

1st March 2010, 20:24
thanks rkauer, those drives were beige and i thought painting them gloss would be a good contrast, but i think you're right and satin black would look better :cool:

1st March 2010, 20:26
indeed nice job, learning here a lot:roll: did you learn by having car issues:p (only joking)

Is the spray for the case used not matched with the cdrom? I had strange results with spraying a case and a dvd rom too with the same paint.:whistle:

2nd March 2010, 21:22
i painted the drives in gloss to stand out, but i think i'm going to change them to satin black :D

Kin Hell
2nd March 2010, 21:34
/....body filler....

Christ, these bloody car dealers get everywhere! :lol:

Seroiusly though Juzzer, well done fella. I'd deinitely have binned it. :cool: