View Full Version : Swapped A3640 with Quad doubler (040@50mhz!) or *SWAP* for Blizzard 1260

9th August 2013, 16:39

I'm looking to swap my A3640 which has a Quaddoubler (giving you 040@50mhz) for a Blizzard 1260, I don't need a box or any fancy upgrades, a 100% standard Blizzy 1260 will do :thumbsup:

I'd consider an Apollo but my preference is the Blizzard. If you have a particularly special card I can add some money or other items towards it from my side.

I would consider a part exchange for Blizzard 1230/1240 + SCSI Kit, I'm not interested in Apollo 1240's or other 1230/1240's.

Would prefer a swap but will also sell for 295+ P&P

Here are some pics and benchmarks of the A3640:





Thanks for looking :thumbsup:

NOTE Also listed elsewhere

Terms of sale:

Payment is by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Neteller. Buyer pays any associated fees
Overseas shipping is possible but at the buyers risk - If insurance is taken I will handle the claim in the event of loss/damage and will pass on any received compensation
I will accept returns on my items but return shipping is to be paid by the buyer regardless of the reason/s for return.
Unless otherwise stated prices are not negotiable
Unless agreed otherwise payment is expected within 24hrs after interest declared, I reserve the right to move onto next in line after this time frame.

If you do not accept my terms please do not declare interest.

13th August 2013, 13:21
Also added the option to buy for 295+ P&P

18th August 2013, 17:00
Sent PM
Regards Lozspd4

18th August 2013, 23:29
Swap deal agreed with Lozspd4 vs. A1200 + Blizzard 1230MkIV & FastATA MkI

Waiting address details :)

23rd August 2013, 07:33
All details finalised, this little beastie will be shipped today :-)

Thanks Lozspd4.
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23rd August 2013, 14:59
A3640 has been shipped, tracking info on PM :thumbsup:

Thanks for the trade Lozspd4 :)

27th August 2013, 15:03
Items received from Lozspd4 as promised, I will test everything tomorrow :thumbsup:

Thanks Lozspd4, I hope the A3640 arrives with you soon :)

30th August 2013, 19:50
Item Recieved from Steve well packed and working Perfect:thumbsup:

Thanks Steve:D

30th August 2013, 22:55
Glad to hear it, thanks for the smooth trade :thumbsup:

31st August 2013, 10:31
Feedback done both sides so time to close the thread, thanks very much Lozspd4 for the smooth trade, I hope you enjoy the A3640 :thumbsup: