View Full Version : Closed 64 MB memory for Blizzard 1240

10th August 2013, 07:56
my simm is double sided, so it dosen't fit with the cooler on the card. I need a slimline or a single sided module.

10th August 2013, 11:09
Hi Skrondgar ,

here is a single-sided one , made some pics , is in perfect shape .

may you have a look ?

If you are interested in this unit send a pm and make an offer .

I will check this Edo Memory unit with my Blizzard 1260

10th August 2013, 11:33
You have to state a price.

10th August 2013, 12:20
First of all i had to check this unit and it works well with my Blizzard 1260/66 ,
so i can say , it is in an absolutely perfect shape
but you won´t be able to close the trapdoor without some plastic work ,
thats for sure but you do not need any rubber band , this one matches perfectly .

will cost 15 Euro + shipping

10th August 2013, 13:00
Thank you for your effort, but I've just found what I need elsewhere.

Mods, please close the thread, thanks.