View Full Version : Closed Right-hand rear hard drive mounting bracket for A4000 desktop

2nd March 2010, 04:50

I'm looking for the right-hand side bracket (the one that mounts on the power supply). I have a left-hand side one but I seem to have lost the right one. The part number for the left one is 363819-01, so I'm assuming the right-hand one ends in '-02' for the part number.

I'm happy to buy a pair, if giving just one is not possible. I'm happy to pay for the bracket plus all postage costs to Australia.

I have attached a picture of the left-hand one to get an idea what I'm after.


Kin Hell
2nd March 2010, 19:01
Why don't you get some 1mm to 1.5mm thick Aluminium sheet & knock one up?

You have all the hole measurements there & the profile.

If you measure the bent sides from the inside of the 90 degreee bend, the sum total of those two measurements is your development length prior to bending. The bend line is marked from either the short or long bent side. Just be sure you mark it out in a manner that will allow it to bend up into the opposite of what you have already. ;)

Best Wishes,


19th September 2012, 03:13
Can one of the mods close this thread as I have finally found this item.