View Full Version : Wanted Mach 131 Chip from Dead Apollo 1240/1260

14th August 2013, 17:19
As I have now acquired a second 040 accelerator, I thought now may be the time to get my existing Apollo into the 1260 mode. However it is only sporting a mach130 chip :(

I have the required eeprom and the other bits are fairly readily available, so if you have a dead apollo 1240 or even a 1260, then I would like to have the chip please :)

Whilst the Mach131 chips can still be bought new, as far as I know there is no way to read a pre-programmed chip to enable a dump of the secrets contained within.

Let me know if you have anyting :thumbsup:

4th September 2013, 12:42
Little nudge ;)

16th September 2013, 16:44
Apollo 1240 now sold, Mach131 is no longer required. Could a passing mod please close :thumbsup: