View Full Version : Request Sega Saturn Audio Out (L&R) Mod Req.

14th August 2013, 20:52
As the title says I'm looking for someone who can add audio outputs to my Sega Saturn (Jap)
I use RGB output to my TV but I need to connect the Saturn to my amplifier to get some nice stereo sound through my speakers.

So 2 nice L&R audio outputs (RCA) on the back would be perfect.

I believe it's an easy mod to do, but it's way beyond anything I'm capable of.

Preferably someone in the UK to save on post, I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount or I do have a few bits available to trade.


2nd September 2013, 13:22

I have used one of these for years as it does pass though RGB correctly and also has your nice Phono connectors to connect to an amp.
I use this for all my consoles which I know have L+R audio down the Scart Lead.

2nd September 2013, 13:31
Thanks, I will get one of those instead. :thumbsup: