View Full Version : Wanted CD 32 accessories: SX 1 or SX 32 needed

16th August 2013, 16:43
I'm looking for a working SX1 or SX32 for the CD 32.
I don't wish to get back into full Amiga computing as I have to many other things swirling around in my head, but i'd like to take the CD32 and make it play the Amiga classics.

Any advice is also welcome.

I was wondering if we can burn Floppy data to CD and have the CD32 play it as i've noticed most CD 32 titles were direct ports without redbook audio.

Any word on that?

Much Thanks,

16th August 2013, 18:16
You may be interested in:


16th August 2013, 19:14
There's a few downloadable game CDs out there but for obvious reasons I can't link you to them . There's 100 cd , 200 cd , 350 cd , 444 cd , 888 cd . Lots of games on one cd is good but some have had sound hacked out and video clips cut ect . All a500 , a600 , a1200 games on them. Just burn the disk images.

17th August 2013, 04:59
So, on the CD version there's no way to save a game that's not using password level progression?

They weren't able to redirect the save to the onboard save memory?

17th August 2013, 06:22
That's probably correct . Iv no longer got my cd32 .
Suppose that's the price that's paid for free games in mass quantity

18th August 2013, 06:23
I did just buy a CD32 floppy drive on ebay.

Could I still fit anything inside the CD32 like an 8MB expansion chip?

This will do until an SX1 or SX32 make their rounds.

18th August 2013, 07:35
Don't think you can , it would have to go in your floppy expansion I think but guessing there won't be anywhere for it to connect . I'm no expert but I think you'd need a sx-1 , 32 , or promodule to attatch extra ram and hard drive.

18th August 2013, 11:54
One idea I had for some time now is to use the external floppy expansion for the CD32 to plug in one of the sd floppy emulators, found on ebay (search for HxC floppy emulator). If games is all you are after, and given you already have the floppy, it should be the right solution. Before taking the plunge and buying the HxC though I would first check that the floppy used in the CD32 expansion is compatible (it should be, but just in case check the connector matches - e.g. an external amiga floppy drive by roctec I have used a somewhat non-standard floppy connector)

18th August 2013, 12:50
Sounds a valid idea .