View Full Version : Wanted Snatcher Mega-CD PAL

18th August 2013, 11:16
Hi all,

This one will be hard to find but let me try. Does anyone has a copy of Snatcher for Mega-CD to sell?

Thanks and kind regards,

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Oops, complete wrong category, that's a mistake for posting too fast. Could anyone move it to the correct category? Apologies :picard

18th August 2013, 11:47
This just may be your lucky day. I have Snatcher. I'll PM you...:thumbsup:

18th August 2013, 17:13
PM replied, still looking for a complete PAL Snatcher though :)

18th August 2013, 18:59
There looks to be one for sale in Ireland. I've PM'd you with the link.

18th August 2013, 21:01
Thanks for being so helpful, I'll give it a try,

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Found thanks to sir_beaker's help. Wonderful. Thanks to Amibay in general, this is great.