View Full Version : Closed A1200 case

18th August 2013, 15:11
Must be like new condition (no yellowing, no scratches), with trapdoor and preferably all screws and LED with cables.


22nd August 2013, 20:05
Still looking!

22nd August 2013, 20:10
I think you should know by now about the 2 week bump rule :whistle:


Bumping your thread:
'Bumping' is defined as posting in your For Sale or Wanted thread for the purpose of bringing it to the top of the list of most recent threads. Unless you have made a significant change to your thread you may only bump your post once every two weeks. A significant change, refers to a price change or any other relevant information that will be important to a buyer.

10th October 2013, 15:40
Thread closed as there are duplicates, please don't create new threads - use your old ones, you can bump them every 2 weeks if you wish :)