View Full Version : Wanted Floppy Cables for my A2386 Bridgeboard

18th August 2013, 19:01
Hello dear Amigans.

I´m searching for those Floppy Cables 3,5" and 5,25". I would like to
use the shared and PC only option of the Bridgeboard.

Can somebody help me?


18th August 2013, 21:44
You mean this sort of thing ?
I have one you can have for postage.

18th August 2013, 21:50
Hi Mate great to hear from you.
Did you have this cable in use
with a Bridgeboard?

It looks like the cable I need.
Maybe a Bridgeboard longtime
user can through a view on it.

I'm a newby to Bridgeboards 😊

Thanks for your offer. If it's the
right one I'll love to take it.

Kind regards

18th August 2013, 22:20
No, the cable he wants is like this:


It is not a standard cable and is found only with a A2386 board.

Someone skilled enough should be able to make one.

In my opinion, it is better and simplier to just use a dedicated PC floppy drive, because the inside of the Amiga would just be a mess with that sort of cable, not to mention normal floppy cable, IDE/SCSI cable, etc.

18th August 2013, 22:34

I have a 5,25" PC delivered with my
A2386. A cable (not twisted) was also
on the packed.

My Problem:

The BB states a seek failure on that drive. Even a second drive has this similar message. I guess my cable
is wrong :-(

18th August 2013, 22:45
Possibly the floppy controller chip is damaged. Even slight acid leak from the nearby battery can cause problem here. My own board has a partialy damaged floppy controller.
There are several workarounds. I don't need a working drive because i can access the hardfile of my BB with PC-Task and use the amiga drive to install anything i want. I can also mount the hardfile (Crossdos or any other utilitie) and copy what i want.
Just be careful to not access the hardfile with both the bb and another program at the same time or it will be trashed.

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