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Hungry Horace
3rd June 2008, 17:43
as it says on the tin.

Want to get my my A600 up to 2 meg chip to further my whdload development please. UK sellers preferable but not required.

Hungry Horace
15th June 2008, 00:06
once again i keep missing these on e-bay.... so someone must be selling them!

no? :(

15th June 2008, 00:32
@ HH

Have you checked out the 2Mb piggyback chip hack for the A600 that first appeared on a1k.org and was translated into English by Zetr0 and myself? It's posted on EAB and OldSkoolUK.

The chips can be found on old 72 pin simms which are a darn sight easier to find than A601 expansions.

Hungry Horace
15th June 2008, 00:46
you must be reffering to this:


whilst it looks like a very cool hack, i neither have the time, nor the confidence to attempt this atm!

A601s still nly seem to be selling for about 20-25 on e-bay with postage.... so it's not too much if you ask me - just a shame i keep missing them

15th June 2008, 13:03
Nope, the Tabajara is hacking a 72 pin SIMM onto the A600 expansion slot. The piggyback hack is removing two chips from an old video card (Cirrus Logic, S3 Trio etc) and piggybacking them over the original memory chips. Talk to Zetr0 on EAB about it, it's not that hard to do.

Here's the diagram that was posted on EAB:-

18th June 2008, 16:25
I'm interested in performing this hack but don't understand schematics, where do the two wires underneath the ram chips go?

18th June 2008, 17:26
They attach to one of the legs of the chips as per the attached pictures. The wires attach to pins 28 and 29 on each chip if I recall correctly. The pictures aren't great but you get the idea; Zetr0 can help you with how to do this. The thread is at http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=3 ... t=A600+2Mb (http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=34707&highlight=A600+2Mb) if you need to read further.

18th June 2008, 18:23
Super! thanks Merlin :D :D

Sorry for hijacking your thread Horace :roll:

Hungry Horace
19th June 2008, 01:19
no worries, i think i will be doing this hack myself thanks to Zetr0 helping me out with some chips ;)

19th June 2008, 21:27
This hack good working, I did it :)