View Full Version : Wanted A4000D Mobo in perfect condition, radeon pci 9250 for mediator, a4000 keyboard

19th August 2013, 13:09
Hey guys,

ALL items found aside from motherboard :) I need a perfect a4000 motherboard with no battery damage, new caps, no cap damage, and buster 11. Please pm ASAP :)

I need the following items, and I live in USA for shipping purposes. Please pm with offers :)

1 - A4000D mobo - perfect condition, no problems, recapped. I'd like the 'cost reduced' one with the onboard 030 because I think they're less prone to battery issues. I have a problem with my motherboards dying over time even though I clean all battery leakage :( - also need buster 11!

2 - Radeon 9250 for Mediator. Whichever is most compatible with os3.9 and os4.1 stuff. - found, thanks Steve!

3 - A4000 Keyboard - in very nice condition if not perfect. I have my A2000 keyboard through an adapter but some keys don't work. - found, thanks dutchinusa!


19th August 2013, 15:25
Sending PM about keyboard :)

19th August 2013, 15:51
I've seen several radeons on the other bay (9200 / 9250) pci
take a look there if you don't find any here :-)

20th August 2013, 13:18
Hi Ryan!

Sorry to hear about your Motherboard woes, unfortunately I just sold my spare board that was working with your configuration :(

I can however sell you my Radeon 9250 as I don't intend to buy anymore mediators in the future.

It comes boxed and fully tested/working with Mediator 4000/1200 :thumbsup: (Tested with OS4.1 Classic)



I'm asking 30 + P&P

20th August 2013, 21:00
Sounds perfect Steve, I will pm shortly :) Thanks!

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Radeon purchased from Fitzsteve, thank you sir :)

20th August 2013, 21:59
Thanks! I'll aim to get it shipped along with the other PCI cards as agreed tomorrow :thumbsup:

21st August 2013, 06:23
Also payment sent to dutchinusa for a keyboard. Now just looking for a4000d mobo in pristine condition with new caps, no battery damage, and I forgot to mention buster 11 :)

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22nd August 2013, 16:09
Radeon & Cards posted today :thumbsup:

1st September 2013, 00:20
Received! Thanks Steve, feedback on its way :)

Also, worked out a deal to swap an A3000D (full computer) for an A4000D motherboard with Rotzloeffel.

25th September 2013, 09:30
feedback left :roll: great!