View Full Version : Wanted Clock port for Amiga 600 that fits over the Gayle chip

19th August 2013, 17:52
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had a clock port add on for the Amiga 600. I in a fit of hacking excitement added 1 meg of chip ram using the piggyback method onto my Amiga 600, only to discover that I think I perhaps should have gotten one of the slot memory upgrades from Amiga kit that includes a couple of clock ports...

does anyone have one of the clock port add ons that fits over the Gayle chip? or perhaps know if I can use a switch to enable and dissable the piggy pack memory and just order the ram upgrade from amiga kit?

if I disconnect the:
UCAS (Upper Column Address Strobe)
LCAS (Lower Column Address Strobe)
from the motherboard (perhaps with a double pole double throw switch) will this allow the onboard 1meg chip ram to function? :)

19th August 2013, 20:23
Be advised that the Gayle-to-Clockport adapter uses a different address from normal A1200 clockport alas it's compatible only if a suitable driver is made.
For example Poseidon has an extra driver (under Extras drawer) which operates the Subway just fine under this adapter. I believe Silversurfer has one as well.

For other clocport interfaces (like Soundcards, Serial adapters etc) you need a special driver (although I'm not aware of their existence). Maybe RTC modules work just fine but never tried one (although I had in the past such an adapter).

19th August 2013, 20:42
hmmmmm food for thought... I think I would only want the clock port for a real time clock ( like the one available on Amiga Kit )


unless there is a RTC hack for the A600 as well? :) I'm open for that too :)

19th August 2013, 20:56
You can contact AmigaStore since I see they have on stock this adapter here:

But better is to contact Jens Schoenfeld through his website (icomp.de) asking him about if his RTC modules (the one that AmigaKit sells) are compatible with this gayle adapter.