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20th August 2013, 15:50
hello, just want a wiikey fusion if any one has one.
let me know the price, or if you wanna trade for a modded xbox with 160gb drive then i have one of those too.
would need to figure out postage costs and so on via pm..

needs to be a wiikey fusion though as i want to stick it in a game cube.
Thank you.:thumbsup:

20th August 2013, 17:07
Have you thought about getting any of the unofficial WiiKey Fusion kits? They are supposed to be 100% compatible and they are still available. :)


20th August 2013, 18:17
i dont mind if its not official, just needs to be a wiikey fusion. I have seen some on the interweb. thought id check to see if some one had one they were getting rid of. i hear a lot of people dont like them much and prefer diferent ones. "like wode" and say the wiikey fusion is a bit flimsy and the ribbon cable being exposed is a bad thing..
but as its going in a game cube to replace the optical drive that issue wont be a problem for me.

il probably get one form the interweb in a week or so if no one says they have one they want to sell here 1st. :thumbsup:

20th August 2013, 18:38
OK! I ordered one of the 3rd party ones so I'll let you know how it works out. :) The neat thing is that most of them come with an external SD reader if you or you can just solder a couple wires to use the internal SD reader. Very neat stuff.


20th August 2013, 18:40
I have a wkf (original AFAIK), tested - working on GC and it autoboots to SWISS rev240
I actually made a wkf gc my self some weeks ago :D
Would love to trade that for the xbox but I believe shipping will be a killer... let the PMery begin! I am also looking for a ps2 network adapter btw ;)



20th August 2013, 19:09
i do happen to have a ps2 network adapter..
never tested it properly though... and has no dvd disk with it.. so dunno what use that is for you.

i dont need a GC though got one on the way from steve.
but if you have a wiikey fusion then let the pm's begin indeed.
if you already made the host adapter for the ribbon cable and wanted to include that that would save me about 20 minuets of painful soldering (it gets my back leaning over lol)

20th August 2013, 19:32
yeah I don't really need the disk for the adapter, it's of no use to me , just want the adapter for HDD support
and I only want to swap the wkf, I got 2 of them , the modded GC is not for giving, just posting a pic :)

20th August 2013, 20:46
ok let me dig out the ps2 adapter and see whats what.

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negotiations seem to have gone well so we should have a trade, :thumbsup:

20th August 2013, 20:50
^ indeed, items swapped!

28th August 2013, 14:20
packet received, all was perfect and feedback left!
thanks ShambleS1980!

28th August 2013, 14:32
forgot we have to do feedback for swaps too lol.

my package arrived aswell. Will leave feedback now :):thumbsup: