View Full Version : Wanted A600 in working condition (computer only)

23rd August 2013, 00:30
I'm looking for a WORKING Amiga 600, no PSU needed and I don't care if it's yellow, case hinges busted or **** like that. Heck, it doens't even need a floppy drive. But the rest of the computer (keyboard, IDE port, PCMCIA port) must be in full working order. Also no unit with leaky caps or glitchy, pre-leaky behaviour.

I would need this before the month ends really, but if that time passes, well, I will still be interested as long as it's a cheap unit as described before.

Preferably in the UK because of shipping costs.

10th October 2015, 23:03
I have one, but postage to USA might be too much, also it's a PAL A600 not NTSC, let me know if you are interested. Link below.


11th October 2015, 11:31