View Full Version : Wanted A1200, A500 or A600 (USA NTSC)

23rd August 2013, 05:09
Hello All

I am looking to buy either an A1200, 500 or 600. 1st choice would be the 1200. It doesn't have to look perfect, although it would be nice if it was well taken care of. But it does have to be 100% functional, including the floppy drive. It will need to come with the mouse and the PSU and preferably the disks and manuals. But if not I can deal with it if the price is right. Has to be NTSC

Long time Amiga fan that wants to get back into it after losing my 1200 and 500 a couple years back.

Hoping someone in the community can help. I would prefer USA models and shipping as I realize now that shipping to the US from anywhere else is pretty ridiculous.

Thank You