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25th August 2013, 17:10
I have these games or educational material available for the spectrum for sale - i am looking at 2.50 per item (unless stated) or up for offers on the entire lot

Sinclair & Macmillan - learn to read 1 - box, instructions 10
Fun school 2 -box instructions
Superstar seymour - box, instructions - Sergeant seymour robocop, seymour goes to hollywood, seymour stuntman, super seymour saves the planet, wild west seymour. Would ideally like 10
SOLDDizzy's Excellent Adventures - box, instructions - Dizzy panic, dizzy down the rapids, dizzy prince of yolkfolk, spellbound dizzy, kwik snack. 10
Fun school 2 - box, instructions
Sinclair & Macmillan - learn to read 4 - box, instructions 10
Sinclair & Macmillan - survival - box 5
Sinclair & Macmillan - learn to read 2 - box, instructions 10
Sinclair & Macmillan - learn to read 3 - box 10
the lineker collection - box, instructions. 5
Kids pack 2 - fireman sam, dracula 2, popeye, postman pat 2, huxley pig, bangers and mash - 10

The next one's are cassetes, just in their cases
Horace and spiders
Auf wiedershen monty
bubble bobble
Kokotoni wilf
Alphabet games
jackle & wide
Pud Pud
disco dan
Scooby doo
4 quattro - supper stuntman, supper tank, super hero, KGB super spy SOLD
treasure island
Top Gun
Crime busters
4 quattro - wizard willy, little puff, frankenstein JNR, olli & lissa 3
Seymour goes to hollywood
Treasure island dizzy
football manager 2
4 quattro - Vampire, ghost hunters, super robin hood, dizzy SOLD
4 quattro - Death stalker, SAS combat simulator, ninja massacre, arcade flight simulator
manic miner
mr wino
jet set willy
caves of doom
Daley thompson's super-test
magicland dizzy
Robin hood legend quest sold
Advanced soccer simulator
slightly magic
rainbow island
scary school
postman pat
finders keepers
crazy golf
4 quattro - motto x, twin turbo V8, pro powrboat, ATV simulator
Tarzan goes ape
Bomb fusion
super stock car
tag team
fast food
italia 90
toy bizarre
Pac land
Horace goes skiing

Here are some more spectrum games although without the original casing
continental circus
prince clumsy
Action pack - bullseye, operation wolf
Odd Job Eddie/witchfiend
James bond 007 action pack- shooting range, Lord bromley's estate
Danger mouse double trouble
The flying formula
Target renegade
Daley thompson's super test
professional boxing
James bond 007 action pack - Q's message, mission zero

If you would like the entire lot in my range i could probably put a price of 175

2nd September 2013, 22:59

Is Pud Pud the Ocean release or the Americana re-release?


3rd September 2013, 13:33
The pud pud game is made by ocean

4th September 2013, 00:16
pm sent

19th September 2013, 13:35
2 games sold and will be sent off, marking as sold

28th September 2013, 00:19
I am interested in Bubble bobble, Treasure Island and Target Renegade.
I would like to know if they are the original editions, and if they have anything (inlay, case etc.) apart from the cassette.

28th September 2013, 13:15
I will find out later on today at my mum's, then give the details required

28th September 2013, 17:13
Treasure island is in the original case, by sinclair, with inlay
Bubble bobble original case, by the hit squad, inlay

Target renegade, is just the tape itself

Hope this helps

29th September 2013, 14:46
Thanks for the info. I withdraw my interest.good luck with sale.

11th October 2013, 22:05
Here is the dizzy collection photos, bear in mind that 3 cassettes make the 5 games, as 2 are double sided

11th October 2013, 23:36
I have sent a PM to declare interesting purchasing the Dizzy's Excellent Adventures box set :)

12th October 2013, 10:11
Payment sent ;)

12th October 2013, 10:36
Payment received, Dizzy's excellent adventures has been sold to Kendo. Enjoy the games

16th November 2015, 21:42
I know I'm really late to the party and this is a complete long shot, but do you still have Superstar Seymour?

22nd November 2015, 14:38
All gone now sonic, hope you find seymour is a good game

6th October 2017, 18:41
All gone now sonic, hope you find seymour is a good game

Is Kids Pack 2 still available?

Cheers, Steve