View Full Version : Trackball for my Mega STE

27th August 2013, 03:19
Hello All,

As the title says, but the one I'm looking for is the Alfa Data Crystal Trackball TKB MT AC.

I've got one of these but the left mouse button, of the track ball cover is messed up....it doesn't depress the actual button. I can depress the actual button, if I remove the cover and depress it with my finger.

So, what I'm wondering is if anyone has a complete unit they'd be willing to sell, or the top cover of a unit which no longer works. I'm pretty sure these aren't made anymore., and I haven't found anything on the web.

Thanks everyone!!

27th August 2013, 06:57
I have the version with a grey trackball instead of a crystal one, but AFAIK they are exactly the same. See picture...