View Full Version : Wanted Alone In The Dark 1 (PC) / Flashback

27th August 2013, 19:49
As the title says, looking for these big boxes to complete my collection.
From my memory, the FB box had a sleeve over the box so that must be there too.
Found some on evilbay but the boxes are crushed and incomplete.
Don't mind if it's for Amiga or PC.

27th August 2013, 19:57
I have it in a cd case only, I think it came as a trilogy collection.

28th August 2013, 06:37
Already got 2,3, Trilogy and a limited edition so I'm looking now for the big box of 1.
Normally I found/bought it but the seller sent me the limited edition of the last one in the serie and he doesn't respond anymore :mad:

14th September 2013, 19:28

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