View Full Version : Wanted Amiga 3000 floppy disk drive

27th August 2013, 22:49
I am restoring A3000D the the top condition, now it works with a nice setup and looks beautiful, but one the last thing I am missing is "original floppy disk drive". I currently use DD drive from A1200, but the button is not the correct one. So I am after the original FDD.

I pay with paypal.

27th August 2013, 23:08
I have an original fb-354 with the hardware to mount it to the front of the a3000. I cannot test this, I can give it to you for $20 plus shipping from USA, priority shipping. Let me know, shipping will be expensive so hopefully you can find someone close to you first!

Also, I have a LOT of a3000 case parts if you need anything, please let me know :)