View Full Version : Closed 1260 accelerator with socketed CPU

28th August 2013, 17:22
Hi all,

Having recently purchased a lot of computer gear, amongst which seem to be a batch of some NOS E41J 68060's, I feel the need to get a 1260 accelerator to try them out!

Therefore, the accelerator card must have a cpu socket to enable the existing CPU to be removed. Please upload pictures of the card from the top, bottom and the sides to this thread and PM details of price etc to me.

Would also consider a part ex on my 1240 if there is interest for that (I have have two and will only need 1 if I get a 1260!)

28th August 2013, 18:01
I have Apollo 1260 with socketed rev6 060@80MHz.

1st September 2013, 18:29
PM sent to Stachu100 and interest declared in that thread :thumbsup:

10th September 2013, 09:15
Apollo 1260 purchased from Stachu100, thread can be closed, thank you :thumbsup: