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7th March 2010, 05:32
Hello forum mates.

I'm looking for a complete & functional Speccy.

Can be the first edition (48kb, please), or even better one + or +2 version.

Pretty much any Spectrum computer will be good.

I'm making this thread for a fellow Brazilian friend.:)

7th March 2010, 09:31
Don't you have loads of TK95s in Brazil..? has better kbd than the 48k..


7th March 2010, 19:36
Yes, but they are heavily overpriced.

Also, the +, +2 & +3 never was made here.

7th March 2010, 21:21
Might be getting a spare +2 next Saturday (tentative) - some guy at a band I play in gave me a load of stuff last week, including all of the basic leads (PSU, RF cable and Sinclair-branded joystick; as well as a few games) for a +2 - he says he'll look again and bring anything else he finds in this Saturday coming, so stay tuned!

8th March 2010, 00:58
Notice that I'll be just able to answer after Sunday due a little surgical intervention (I need to operate a hernia).

11th March 2011, 03:52
This thread served its purpose long time ago...

RIP :sad: