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1st September 2013, 03:26
Up for sale is a working Apple IIe Enhanced Platinum computer from 1985.
This was the final model of the Apple IIe, produced about the same time Apple introduced the Apple IIgs.
It's original colour is the platinum Apple used for the first Mac's.
This unit has a small switch under the keyboard which converts the keyboard from a US to a UK version.

The computer itself has some yellowing to the case and keyboard, but nothing a dose of Retr0bright wont correct.
There is an engraving on the lid of the main case, and on one of the drives. A replacement lid could be sourced from the states if you wish to do so.
When I used the machine, the monitor covered the engraving anyway. Unfortunately the monitor died recently, so no photo's of the computer running.

The top floppy is from an Apple Iic, while the bottom is a no-name brand. Both drives read and write without problems.
Internally, the machine has a Super Serial Card, Memory Card (Total 128K RAM), Mouse Card, and Floppy Drive Controller Card. There is a Z-80 CPM card in a box as well, although it is not in any picture.
The mouse is brand new (from old stock). There are 3 other cards as well, one is a language card, the other two are a mystery, but one looks like it could be a SCSI card (no guarantees there).
There will be no software provided with the machine. Most is available online, and you might want to consider purchasing a SD/CF type adapter anyway.

There is a complete range of documentation as well, including;
DOS User's Manual
DOS Programmer's Manual
ProDOS User's Manual
Applesoft Tutorial
Applesoft BASIC Programmer's Reference Manual Volumes 1 & 2
Apple IIe Owner's Guide
Apple IIe Technical Reference Manual
80 Column Test Card Manual and Supplement
Apple II Super Serial Card User's Manual
Monitor II User's Manual
Apple IIe System Data Sheet
Apple IIe Guide to the new features
Apple Buyer's Guide
Also included are two books;
Inside the Apple IIe
Apple IIe Programmer's Reference Guide

The items are well packed, and will be shipped within 1 working day of payment being cleared.

Due to age, all items are sold "as is".

Items have been packed into one box, weight 14kg according to AusPost.
Will have to calculate postage on a case by case basis.

Payment will be by PayPal as a gift.
Price is $300 AUD plus postage.
Item is also listed on the Australian eBay site, so it may be sold at any time.