View Full Version : Closed Console Leads

3rd September 2013, 19:48
Bit of a long shot but here goes - Anyone have any spare console leads? I could do with a power cable and rf cable for a mega drive 2, power and av cable for and N64 and Gamecube and SNES, a Sega Dreamcast and also for a Wii (not very retro!)

Cash Waiting

Thanks :D

4th September 2013, 00:52
I have Power and Scart cable for Dreamcast. I'll send you a PM.

22nd September 2013, 00:56
I need a power supply for an N64, a power supply for a Mega Drive, a Dreamcast Controller, a GameCube controller/s, a power supply and rf cable for a Mega Drive 2.

Cheers :D

8th February 2014, 14:15
Can this thread be closed as I have all I need for now :thumbsup: (I am too stupid to work out if I can do it myself :oops:)