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4th September 2013, 02:57
Hey guys, I've managed to scrape enough funds together to grab myself a VGA box for a Dreamcast to take to uni with me. However I have just realised how small my collection is these days.

Would anyone happen to have a bunch of cheap games, perhaps CD only even, that I could buy to take with me? Only really need them for purposes of playing as opposed to having them in the collection as I won't have a ton of space to store or display anything.


4th September 2013, 11:52
I have some available, I will send you a PM

4th September 2013, 12:22
Power Stone
18 Wheeler
Plasma Sword
Virtua Fighter 3
Virtua tennis 2

boxed complete.

Disk only

sonic adventure
sarges army heroes
chu chu rocket
super runabout
railroad tycoon
sega bass fishing
vanishing point
toy commander

44 The lot (14 Games)

5th September 2013, 04:57
PM's replied. :thumbsup:

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Should have made a list to save being offered games I either have already or simply won't be interested in. The list will be rather large as I downsized to all but a few games a while ago. It's also worth noting that I'm not expecting to get all of these either. They're just the ones I would be interested in having to play while away for the year.

Here goes:

Games I would like:

Skies of Arcadia (Disc 2, I actually have disc 1, :lol:)
Ecco the Dolphin
Virtual On
Soul Reaver
Code Veronica
Grandia II
Evolution I or II
Fighting force
Soul Calibur
Nightmare Creatures 2
Blue Stinger (I actually have this but its a German disc and I've never been able to play it for that reason :lol:)

Games Owned but would rather not have to take with me so, would be interested in spare discs:

Shenmue I & II
Sonic Adv. 2
Dead or Alive 2

I don't have much of a budget though (practically using beer money for these), just want to be able to play them, so please don't offer anything you want double figures for each game or anything.

6th September 2013, 15:25
Closing this due to change of circumstances. :picard