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9th September 2013, 09:08
Good Morning Amibayers

Please find For Sale a ZX Spectrum +2B with a IDE Interface as supplied from Zetro :thumbsup:

The Spectrum and the IDE Adaptor are working perfectly as shown in the photos below but to make room and to increase airflow I did take out the tape deck.

With a bit of a squeeze you can put the tape drive back in to give it an authentic look.

I am looking for 50.00 + postage and packing for this package which includes the +2, Tape Drive with the holding screws and the manual for the IDE Adaptor and of course the Adaptor with a 512MB CF Card Installed and +2 Power Supply

Thanks for Looking :thumbsup:

9th September 2013, 16:10
Price Prop to 50.00 + Postage and Packing :thumbsup:

10th September 2013, 21:26
What's the overall condition of the Spectrum? How much is shipping to Slovenia?

10th September 2013, 21:35
Interested pm sent.

11th September 2013, 07:17
I thought that asking about condition and shipping costs was declaring interest :p

11th September 2013, 07:25
Generally the spectrum is in quite good condition as I said in the discription the tape unit was removed to increase air flow and space. I will check postage to solvenia later today.

Hope this helps

Also I will need a mod to confirm who is first in line in the thread

Thanks for your interest

11th September 2013, 08:07
owen2471 is first in line as he has declared interest, Half-Saint has only asked questions, there was no declaration of interest.

I hope that helps :)

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See section from the rules (http://www.amibay.com/misc.php?do=cfrules) re declaring interest:

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11th September 2013, 08:15
Yay so I might as well forget about it... i wouldn't be asking about shipping cost, if I wasn't interested.

EDIT: Rules are rules so I'll look for an IDE interface instead.

11th September 2013, 20:09
Pm sent re payment.

11th September 2013, 20:23
Yay so I might as well forget about it... i wouldn't be asking about shipping cost, if I wasn't interested.

EDIT: Rules are rules so I'll look for an IDE interface instead.

Hi Half-saint.

Please don't be bitter. The rules are there for a reason - mainly to prevent miss-understanding, especially between members who nativly speak different languages. Unfortunately English can be quite ambiguous at times, which is one reason it is mentioned that you need to expressly declare interest.

If you are wanting some form of compact-flash solution for your spectrum, I have recently been informed of ZXCF Matrix, which looks like an absolutely fantastic solution for mass storage, and at a very reasonable price. If you already have a Sinclair, this may be a good route to go.


11th September 2013, 23:46
Pm replied to Owen

13th September 2013, 19:55
Payment has been received via Owen

Need to arrange postage tomorrow :thumbsup:

13th September 2013, 21:02
Many thanks.

15th September 2013, 08:51
Spectrum has been dispatched via Collect + :thumbsup: