View Full Version : Sold 520STFM / 520STE (4Mb) / 800XL / 65XE / SIO2SD

10th September 2013, 17:25
All items sold external to site, except:


ATARI 65 XE With XC12 Deck - 30 - Sold to Chinners.

Amiga Forever
10th September 2013, 17:31
Declare interest in Atari 65XE :) and it come with PSU and how much postages to Barnsley? :unsure:

10th September 2013, 17:56
That was quick. Must be too cheap :D

10 by collect plus, tracked insured for 50, as it weighs over 5KG. The PSU is a brick.

I take it you want the XC12 too?

Amiga Forever
10th September 2013, 18:02
I take it you want the XC12 too?

Not need as I have floppy emulator :)

10th September 2013, 18:06
Well, that would be 35 shipped to Barnsley: 65XE & PSU.

The floppy emulator is brill.

Amiga Forever
10th September 2013, 18:13
I going check my payment tomorrow as It is my pay day hopefully:cool:

10th September 2013, 18:15
I going check my payment tomorrow as It is my pay day hopefully:cool:

OK, it's on hold for you.

10th September 2013, 18:38
Declare interest in SIO2SD...sending PM...

10th September 2013, 18:55
Declaring interest on both the 800XL, pending shipping cost to Italy.
PM on the way.

10th September 2013, 19:43
Interested in the Atari 65xe & tape deck as a bundle if Amiga Forever drops out for whatever reason.

2nd in line

10th September 2013, 21:35
I send money for SIO2SD Lotharek...:thumbsup:


11th September 2013, 10:25
SIO2SD still available. jdvorski did indeed pay for it, he's a stand up guy, but I messed up the shipping price to Croatia and so have refunded him :oops:

11th September 2013, 22:30
No further contact from Amiga Forever regarding the 65XE - Available to next in line.

Amiga Forever
11th September 2013, 22:35
I haven't got the moneys I am afraid :(

11th September 2013, 22:36
No probs fellah. Cheers for letting me know.

11th September 2013, 23:46
payment sent for the 65xe & it's tape drive :)
Looking forward to some pokey fun ;)

15th September 2013, 09:10
Atari arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to getting it plugged in to have a play.

Unfortunately, the Mrs has friends round and I am supposed to be sociable. :roll:

+Feedback on its way.

15th September 2013, 15:21
mmmmmm Chinners I know what it is like m8 when you need to "sociable" lol :thumbsup:

16th September 2013, 22:06
sorry from above did you still have the sio2sd and how much were you asking?

expressing interest (as available)


16th September 2013, 22:19
hi please can you put the prices and items back in for what was sold and still for sale on here thanks

17th September 2013, 14:38
I've put back the details of the item that was sold on here. Sorry about that.
Only thing is, I can't seem to find a way to edit the title from "For Sale" to "Sold", yet I managed to find it for another thread?!