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10th March 2010, 10:19
As stated please could I buy a zipstick from one of you?
I have posted on English Amiga board also, would like the shiny version which was slightly more rigid than the cheaper made matt finish one.
Also would be nice to have all 4 suckers.
There's one on ebay for ******* I think thats too much, anyone got anything they could offer me?

/edited by TC

10th March 2010, 18:54
Sorry Paul

I had to edit the post abit as it could have been viewed as Price Driving

Best Regards
TC :)

10th March 2010, 20:41
Oooo Sorry, I understand what you mean, didn't mean to do that.
Anyhoo, got one now over at English Amiga Board, but thanks anyway for reading y'all.
Please close mods, I'm all sorted now, thanks

10th March 2010, 22:57
No need to apologise my friend, a momentary lapse of reason I bet :lol:

Glad you are sorted..

Thread Closed
TC :)