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10th March 2010, 11:32
Hi guys,

Since I really dislike the idea of having a FastATA mkIII without being able to go over PIO3 (meaning 3.5mb/s read, 5.5mb/s write) since when I go to PIO4 or more I get checksum errors, I thought of trying the ACard solution in case it works out for me. Don't get me wrong... I love my FastATA but I honestly don't like being unable to go beyond PIO3... when I have my BPPC's SCSI waiting doin' nothing :roll:

In the past when I used to have an A4000 PPC, I purchased from BinoX 2xACard 7726 LVD 68pin to IDE adapters which I never tried to use. Since I have one left (I gave one to the guy I sold the A4000), it would be great if someone would want to swap with me (their 7220U with mine 7226Q). I haven't stated the post as Swap though but Wanted since if noone's interested, I'm willing to buy an 7220U if anyone's got a spare one to sell.

I already know about solutions like R-IDSC-E/R which are a lot cheaper than ACard (and possibly would go to that path if I can't find anyone here to swap, or buy).

Thanks in advance

10th March 2010, 11:42
I've got an ACard at home that I was going to sell but I think it's an UW model. I will check later when I get home.

10th March 2010, 11:48
Thanks a lot mate. Gief it a look for me to know.
If it's UW it's no good for me since my 7226 is UW also (although LVD)...


11th March 2010, 13:42
Please mods mark the thread as closed since I managed to get an ACard 7720U from eBay :)


11th March 2010, 13:51
yes sir!