View Full Version : Wanted Windows 7 64Bit

Amiga Forever
12th September 2013, 23:52
if anyone got Win 7 64bit CD then please let me know :)

13th September 2013, 00:15
If you only need the disc, you can legally download and make your own, using the product key you already have. Just google "Digital River Windows 7 iso."

If you need the COA and product key too I shall retreat to the back and be quiet :)

Amiga Forever
13th September 2013, 00:22
Thanks for saving me MS Bucks:lol:

Amiga Forever
13th September 2013, 21:49
I going put all the data on SD Card or memory stick before I go on WIN 7 64BIT then put all the data back on 64bit desktop :D:cool: