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10th March 2010, 12:41

I have a Dell Monitor that has 2 inputs. A common VGA and a DVI-D (Dual Link) as shown in the third (pre finally) picture that I give.

Has anyone got a VGA to DVI-D (Dual Link) adapter?

And if exist two of them still better.

Unfortunately in my home island I find only VGA in DVI-I Dual Link like the one on second picture.

10th March 2010, 13:22
AFAIK since I'm not expert... DVI-D has only digital signal so... it's kinda difficult to convert analog (VGA) to digital (DVI-D) just by a simple adapter.
You can find such adapters in Amazon:
... but you will find out that they're not working just for the reason I'm saying.

You need an VGA to DVI-D Convertor which is a lot more expensive than you think :P


10th March 2010, 13:30
So complex and expensive????

10th March 2010, 13:40
The prefix "D" is digital only, while "I" is both analog and digital.

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This one you're looking for?

EDIT: Wrong picture, that was DVI-A.

10th March 2010, 13:52
I simply have an ancient Dell Monitor (1024x768 the max) that has to inputs. One normal VGA, second DVI in the format of the third picture. I doubt that this thing is digital and I doubt it needs something so expensive to work. An alternative could be a cheap monitor with two VGA inputs. Want it for an Amiga with BVision and Indivision.

10th March 2010, 13:57
If it's only got a DVI-D input, it'll only take DVI signals. You need the four pins around the bar to connect VGA to a DVI input. In fact, DVI-A is just VGA over some dedicated wires on the DVI port, nothing more clever than that.

10th March 2010, 14:00
Well... You can try the Amazon link I gave ya that has the VGA to DVI-D that is "El'Cheapo Grande" to gief it a try :P
Since your VGA monitor is quite old, you never know... it might work lol
If it doesn't work, then you'll check other options.

10th July 2010, 21:16
I have one of these:

I presume that's what you are looking for...


10th July 2010, 22:45
Ditto.....I have a spare DVI-D M to VGA F (Black) you can have for the price of p&p