View Full Version : For Sale iBook G4 laptops

16th September 2013, 09:15
all faulty in some way so spares or repair.

all are visually complete i think , screen , keyboards, cases.

but screen may be broken , hdd missing etc, most boot up.

1ghz as i remember ... and above.

i have 4 to get rid of.

so 50 + post

UK only please.

more details and pics after i finish work.

16th September 2013, 13:22
are you selling them seperatly or all 4 for 50

also sorry for asking, could these (with broken screen) be used as Desktop replacement's ??

1ghz I guess should run garage band ok ? (his current G4 450mz desktop struggles)

16th September 2013, 21:27
all for 50

they would be slow desktop replacements but i should think they would run the old garage band ok.

two or 3 definitely turn on , now wether they have hdds or ram i cannot say. the g4 has 512mb soldered to the board as i recall.

i may have a charger somewhere too.