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17th September 2013, 09:26
I am selling the following parts from a Macintosh Quadra 650. Some of them might work in other models, too (e.g. the CD-ROM and hard disks.)

1) Apple CD300i. Internal SCSI CD-ROM. Fully working. 10 (was 15)+shipping SOLD! (outside AmiBay)

2) 36Gb SCSI hard disk, 10k rpm, SCSI3 interface, comes with a converter to 50 pin SCSI. Works in a Quadra 650, not sure about other models. 10 (was 15)+shipping SOLD!

3) Seagate ST138N "SuperMac" SCSI 50pin, full height, 30Mb, working, 10+shipping SOLD! (outside AmiBay)

4) 3x 4MB 72-pin RAM, 70ns. Available separately. 5 (was 7) each, or 12 (was 15) for the lot, + shipping

5) 2x256Kb, 68-pin VRAMs 80ns, 8 + shipping

6) Macintosh Quadra 650 logic board, 8MB ram on-board, full 68040 processor, working 15+shipping

7) Macintosh Quadra 650 PSU, fully working, 15+ shipping

8 ) Mac video to VGA adapter, comes with manual. 8+shipping SOLD! (in Wanted thread)

9) Apple video cable DB15 to 13W3, 3 + shipping

10) Macintosh Quadra 650 case, a few scratches, a dot printing on top of front bezel (from previous business owner,) one slot missing on back panel, but otherwise solid. 5+shipping

11) 3.5" 1.44Mb internal floppy drive, fully working. 10+shipping SOLD! (in Wanted thread)

7th October 2013, 16:06
* BUMP *
Items added, price reduced

27th November 2013, 15:40

i'am interested for that big 36gb hd. Do you think that could work with my quadra 700?

27th November 2013, 20:47

i'am interested for that big 36gb hd. Do you think that could work with my quadra 700?
Hi there,
I have used it in my Quadra 650 without problems. It comes with a SCSI 1 adapter, so you should be able to connect it. Note that it doesn't have Apple firmware, so to format and partition it you need an hacked version of HD Setup (freely available on internet) or other utilities like Silverlining.

28th November 2013, 22:36
Sold to Jussuf, shipping tomorrow! :thumbsup: